Positive in Church is a toolkit for discussions on HIV in church. It consists of a compilation of interviews on video and a dedicated user guide that was specially developed for African church leaders dealing with HIV. It has 5 main sections (on stigma, the role of church leaders, youth, gender and healing) and there are three additional sections (on withcraft, a life story and A.R.T.) all covering different aspects of the pandemic in relation to the church.

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The user guide facilitates a guided discussion based on the 5 video sections and is a help to pastors who like to know more about the topics covered. There is also a First Steps guide included for planning a practical implementation in a church setting.

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A pastor in Zambia

I am very impressed and exited about this piece of work. As one who participated in the production and first editing of the video, I am grateful the work has come to this wonderful finish, or should I say it has come to a challenging start?
Now the work for the Pastor in using the toll has started. My prayer is funding for its rolling out. The best we can do is see how we can train pastors to handle the tool and conduct discussions.

Once again I am grateful to the initiators and sponsors for the fruitful work. Also thanks to all who took part in the production.

Siyani Zimba, World Vision International


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Produced on behalf of the Dutch partners
Christian Reformed Churches
De Verre Naasten
Salvation Army
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